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    Junior Kiekko League Rules Empty Junior Kiekko League Rules

    Post  Montador on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:10 pm

    - Each player in kiekko will have the opportunity to sign up for the next season before the draft
    - GMs will collectively eliminate any player they do not feel is suitable for the league
    - You can not sign someone else up
    - Further rules will be posted in the sign up thread and need to be followed

    - The team that finishes last in the previous season, will be given the 1st pick, the second to last team is given the 2nd pick, and so on
    - The draft will consist of 8 rounds, and those not drafted will become free Agents
    - Once a player has been drafted by a team, he is to remain with the team until he is released or traded (Failing to stay on a team will result in you being Suspended until further notice)

    Free Agents/Transactions
    - Any team can release any player if they chose to but must post this in the free agent thread
    - Any team can sign a free agent
    - both the player and gm of the team has to agree on the signing in the free agent signing thread
    - Once a player has been signed by a team, he is to remain with the team until he is released or traded
    - GMs will be allowed to trade away draft picks, although it is not recommended
    - A trade deadline will occur at the end of week 4, no further trades or signings may take place in playoffs
    - The GMs will stick together when it comes to players, if a GM is having problems with a player and their attitude, the player shouldn’t expect to be moved to another team
    - Players who attempt to force their way off teams by threats and quitting because of immature dissatification with their team may be banned from JKL.

    Draft Re-entrants
    - Players will not be allowed to leave their team at the end of each season and re enter the draft

    - The team names must be appropriate, including logos and arenas.
    - The amount of players on a team will be 9 maximum, there must be at least 6 players on the roster.
    - It is up to the GM on how he decides to run the team but should make his players aware of league rules
    - it is highly recommended you spread the ice time out to all of your active players
    - Bans for both GMs and players are possible if admins agree upon it

    - Games will be played on Sundays and Tuesdays starting at 9:00 PM EST
    - There will be a series of best out of 3 games played on each of the nights, back to back
    - each division team will play each other a total of 3 times over the regular season, you will play 3 of the 4 non division teams 1 time a year making the total amount of games in a season 12 the game you do not play will be a bye
    - the 30 minute time for games listed on the actual schedule is only a guide line

    - league games can not start before 9:30 PM eastern
    - the 'vs' in the schedule means '@', to avoid confusion as to who the home team is
    - Penalities will always be ON
    - each game will be a regular, experimental match (thats why theres a rank system)
    - playoffs are under heavy thought of being made non expermiental though
    - Games must be played 4v4
    - games are moved to public rooms for continuous OT if tied after regulation
    - OTs are golden goal, first goal wins.
    - 2 points if you win, 1 point for an OT loss, and 0 points for a regulation loss
    - Players must talk in team chat
    - Unless someone rides into the boards or freezes for 3-5 seconds, it's play on
    - GMs must notify the other team if a lag goal was scored
    Playoff Format

    Playoff Games
    - playoffs should be played 4v4
    - games may start or even be played fully 4v3
    - if a team fails to have 3 players available 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, the team will forfeit the game
    - games that are tied at the end will be moved to a public room for continuous overtime until someone scores
    - the home team stays home for the overtime
    - GMs will be allowed to reschedule games if they choose to, but both GMs must agree and post in the 'NHLK Playoffs' thread
    - One of the admins not playing in the game will be present to watch for lag goals
    - the admin will make the game in public and may kick players that argue their call if necessary
    - games will consist of 5 game series
    (series will last a total of 3 days 2 games played 1 day, 2 another, and 1 on the last night)
    - You may win a series in 2 nights if you win both the first and 1 the second making your team 3 to 0 against the oposing team

    Forfeited Games
    - there will not be any make up games if a team doesn't have enough players on the game time set unless otherwise decided by a commissioner.

    - Sorted by Total Points descending
    - Tiebreakers will first be determined by head-to-head
    - Second tiebreaker will be the larger goals difference

    ***any issue that was not addressed here will be dealt with individually by league admins

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